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We believe that Father God speaks in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).

Because of this, we are eternally thankful for His words.  As an expression of our gratitude, we celebrate His words by studying them with a thankful and prayerful heart, asking Him to show us what He wants us to see.  Therefore, if you believe in The Bible, then we invite you to join us in this celebration, regardless of your religious background.

We understand that since these books are based solely on the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), there will be some who believe that this is only "part of the story", while there will be others who believe that this is "the whole story".  Along these lines, there will be some who say "His words are eternal" though there will be others who disagree.  But ultimately, there will be those who gratefully receive Father God's words and then there will be those who don't.  In any case, we are not here to tell you what to believe.  After all, this is not and never will be "about us".  This is and always will be about "HIM"... and you!  We simply believe that Father God has spoken, and because of this, we have righteous cause for thankfulness and celebration.  Don't you agree?

Therefore... please, come celebrate with us!




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