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Treasure the pinnacle of intimacy with the Living God as He reveals, in His own words, who He is! This book comprises every time Father God describes himself, defines himself, and reveals definitive aspects of Himself. Indeed, Father God tells us, in no uncertain terms, Who He Is!  For a preview of God In His Own Words, click --->The Cornerstone Verses

Rejoice in all the blessings God bestows in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). This book is a celebration of Father God's blessings! The most uplifting and inspiring of books, all of God's quotes regarding His blessings are in this book and awaiting your discovery!  To preview God's Daily Blessing click ---> Sample Verses

WARNING! Bear witness as Father God unleashes his fiery rage, fury and vengeance upon the lawless! This book takes an honest and chilling look at the aspect of Father God that is often neglected, unacknowledged, avoided, forgotten or denied...HIS WRATH!!! This book contains all of Father God's quotes which reveal the downright shocking and unfathomable depths of His anger!  Make no mistake about it, there are quotes in this book that you have NEVER  EVER  heard preached!!!  For a glimpse into God's mighty anger click ---> Wrath: The Introductory Verses

Psalm 119, which is the longest chapter in the Bible, reveals how one loves, longs for, aches for, and has found freedom in God's Law.  Named in honor of and in the spirit of Psalm 119, this book is a detailed arrangement of all of God's quotes regarding The Law: His commandments, statutes, judgments, decrees, precepts, and ordinances.  Included are His Feasts, His Sabbaths, and His Holy Days.   For an in-depth preview of the contents of 119, click --->TABLE OF CONTENTS

In the Bible, Father God explains that one way He speaks to us is through the prophets.  Each time a prophet is in the act of prophesying, these words have been captured, harnessed and displayed as God quotes.  In addition, every time God speaks of future events or talks about prophets, these quotes are included here as well.  This powerful book reveals both the prophecies that have come to pass as well as those that an expectant generation anxiously awaits!  To preview, click SAMPLE PAGE

The encyclopedia of Father God’s quotes has arrived! With nearly 200 of today’s most relevant and thought-provoking topics, this book of almost 1,000 pages is the only thorough categorization of Father God’s quotes in existence!  Be marveled by the depth of topics upon which God speaks.  From what Father God says about love, marriage, health and money to what He says about eternal covenants, the boundaries of Israel, salvation, and things that last forever.  Thought you knew God?  Here He reveals Himself in ways you never could have imagined!  And as if that's not enough, this book can be used for 32 of the most AMAZINGLY MEANINGFUL Bible studies ever!  Click To See ---> TABLE OF CONTENTS


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