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THE EVIDENCE: The Scriptural Defense of God's Eternal Law (E-Book)

Great religious controversy surrounds The Law. Some hold that God gave us instructions to live by forever. They believe that God’s instructions are in our best interests, and they cherish their obedience to His Word. These views tend to be held by certain groups of Jews as well as some Messianic Believers.

In contrast, there are others who believe that God’s Law has been done away with. Primarily through their interpretation of the writings of Paul, they conclude that God’s Law is no longer to be followed. These views are generally held by the Christian community.

This debate is one of the most divisive and explosive issues in religion today. For those open to TRUTH, this teaching just might shake your foundation and rock you to the core. There-fore, buckle your seat belt and hold on tight as we explore this issue in-depth and uncover some Biblical truths which shed new light on this topic of vital importance and grave consequence!
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